1-Sensitization/ Training of ​PLHIVs, community advocates, service providers and/or CBOs ​

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2-Incorporating U=U messages in relevant community outreach, education info and social media campaigns

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3-Country Challenges and Barriers

Lao PDR has a legal and policy environment that is not very supportive. While the country does not criminalize transgender people or same-sex sexual acts, it considers drug use or possession for personal use a offence and also mandates parental consent for adolescents to access HIV testing. Historically too, the country has faced barriers in building supportive environment for uptake of testing services, including HIVST. Examples follow: 

  • Lao People’s Democratic Republic reported on efforts to decriminalize use of small quantities of drugs for personal use. The public health argument for decriminalization or reduction of penalties for drug use is that it reduces the stigma attached to drug use and encourages people who use drugs to access harm reduction services. However, the reform proposals have not been accepted.
  • Lao PDR convened a national joint multi-sectoral consultation in 2015 to consider legal reforms relating to HIV. As a result, the Ministry of Health in partnership with UNAIDS, UNDP, WHO and UNODC proposed to the Penal Code Review Committee that the penalties imposed on sex workers be reduced, recognizing that heavy penalties deter sex workers from attending HIV services. However, the proposal was rejected and the penalties for sex work were increased in the new Penal Code. 
  • Lao People’s Democratic Republic’s national HIV consultation meeting was held in 2015 with participation of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice, UNDP, UNAIDS, civil society organizations, development partners and key populations. The participants reviewed the findings of the 2015 Assessment on Legal and Protection Framework to Increase HIV Services for Key Populations. As a result, the Ministry of Health submitted a request to the Penal Code Review Committee to increase the quantity of drugs a person can possess for personal use. However, this proposal was not supported by the Committee. 




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