1- Policy uptake of WHO recommended HIV testing approaches 


-based testing

Lay provider testing

HIV self- testing

Social network- based testing

Provider- assisted referral (index testing)


Advocacy planned


Pilot planned



A newly independent nation, Timor Leste does not yet have a policy on HIVST. In its National Strategic Plan for HIV and STI 2017-2021 (NSP 2017-2021) however, the country has set out to eliminate transmission of HIV and reach the “90-90-90 targets”. Of the 725, cumulative number of people who have been detected as HIV positive in the country, 467 cases were enrolled in HIV care. By end of December 2017, 287 people living with HIV (PLHIV) were alive and on ART. However, there is limited access to HIV prevention, testing, treatment and care services in the country so far. For example, there are exceptionally low testing rates among STI patients.

At the same time, there are very encouraging indications that HIV testing services (HTS) are increasingly being offered in a range of service areas where Provider Initiated Testing and Counseling was offered earlier including ANC and in TB suspects and patients. This shows that critical service entry points are developing and expanding. However, there is still a great deal of work required to ensure that the entire continuum of HIV prevention, testing, and treatment is universally available to all those in need. To enable this process of improved access, it is also essential that Timor Leste continues to have the opportunity to further develop systems for monitoring the progress of HIV and STI epidemic.


2-Implementation Status

As on December 2020, Timor Leste had plans to implement HIVST. In terms of progress towards this end, the country had decided to recruit a national and an international consultant (TORs finalized) to strengthen community-based testing and conduct a demonstration project.

The country also had plans to implement a community-based

testing demonstration project and advocate for lay provider testing and HIVST.

No data is available on available products and pricing.


3-Product registration and costing of HIVST Kits

Product registration is planned in Timor Leste. However, as a Least- developed Countriy (LDC), The Democratic republic of Timor Leste is exempted from the obligation to grant pharmaceutical patents under the Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights agreement (TRIPS) until 2033 or until the country graduates from the LDC category.