1-Policy uptake of WHO recommended HIV testing approaches 

Community-based testing

Lay provider testing

HIV self-testing

Social network-based testing

Provider-assisted referral (index testing)



Being piloted



Source: WHO, Unitaid, and UNAIDS meeting on HIV self-testing and innovative testing approaches in Asia and the Pacific Region: Country progress and plans, December 2020


Lao People’s Democratic Republic has partially adopted 2015 WHO guidelines recommendations on HIV testing services. As of 2020, the country has an HIVST policy and a policy mandating HIV testing services to be free for all. The country also has a law specifying HIV testing to be solely performed based on voluntary and informed consent.


2-Implementation status

Lao PDR plans to introduce HIVST to test approximately 2000 individuals and test approximately 4000 key population members in 2021 using a range of differentiated HTS approaches. 

In general, Lao PDR is currently using different models to provide HIVST for men who have sex with men and transgender persons in urban centres. OraQuick oral fluid-based test is widely accepted here because it is quick, easy, painless and convenient. Also, the test produces its result quickly. Outreach workers and community health centres distribute test kits, and online social media promote online ordering. Results from Laos show that assisted self-testing contributes to a rapid increase in the uptake of testing and that the linkage of reactive clients to confirmatory tests and care increased over time.

At present, support from partners on training, M&E and procurement of products to support implementation of differentiated HTS approaches are ongoing in the country.


3-Product Registration and Costing of HIVST Kits 

Product registration is planned in Lao PDR. 

As a Least-developed Countriy (LDC), Lao PDR is exempted from the obligation to grant pharmaceutical patents under the Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights agreement (TRIPS) until 2033 or until the country graduates from the LDC category.


No data available for costing.