Daily PrEP

daily PrEP means taking one tablet every day to protect yourself from HIV.

Event-Driven PrEP

Event-driven PrEP, also called ED-PrEP, intermittent PrEP or 2+1+1, is a new and highly effective way for MSM to protect themselves from HIV and is an alternative for taking daily PrEP.  Event-driven PrEP is taken when you can plan your sex and involves taking medication to prevent getting HIV during sex. Event-driven PrEP involves taking a double dose (two pills) of Truvada between 2 and 24 hours before you anticipate having sex, and then, if sex occurs, one pill 24 hours after the double dose and another 24 hours later. It works when taken correctly - the right dosage and the right timing. It is safe to take and shouldn’t interfere with other drugs you may take during sex. Do note that ED-PrEP is different from oral PrEP. With oral PrEP, you will take a daily pill with the aim to reduce your risk of getting HIV.


The daily dosing of PrEP remains an option for MSM. Event-driven PrEP can be considered as an alternative.  2+1+1 is recommended by WHO (since 2019) and is highly effective if you take it on schedule. But not all countries in the region recommend it or doctors might not be familiar with it, please ask your doctor about this option for you.


Injectable PrEP (CAB-LA)

This is the latest generation of PrEP and is even more effective in preventing HIV transmission. Unfortunately, injectable PrEP is not widely available yet outside of clinical trials, but we hope it will become available in the near future as an additional option for PrEP throughout the region.